We call it 100% Engagement

What it's all about

UA colleges approach 100% Engagement in slightly different ways, based on discipline. But, each experience includes three main ingredients:



A learning experience, such as a hands-on team project or independent research that gives you the opportunity to apply knowledge you’ve learned within and beyond the classroom, that is made up of a specific Engagement Activity — plus an Engagement Competency.


The professor, alumnus, industry expert, or even another student, who takes you through guided reflection.


Throughout your time here, you and your classmates will participate in many Engaged Learning Experiences. Your participation will be noted on your official transcript.



A structured experience

The University is constantly adding to a growing menu of Engaged Learning Experiences within your coursework that combines Engagement Activities and Engagement Competencies. With each Engagement Experience you participate in, you will work with your mentor to connect:

  • WHAT YOU'RE DOING with your passion and purpose
  • WHAT YOU'RE LEARNING to the larger picture
  • THE SKILLS YOU DEVELOP to your next experience and career


Engagement Activities are student-centered approaches to learning that build on classroom lectures and materials to further develop your professional and personal skills through application.


Engagement Competencies help you develop an appreciation for and an understanding of an area 
of expertise.





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Young alumni spotlight

Young Alumni: Morgan

At the University of Arizona, the dance department makes you a professional. It makes you really good at your job. And it changed my mindset so that I approach dance differently. I really loved the fact that all of the professors geared their classes toward shaping a human before anything else.

Morgan, professional dancer and choreographer

Morgan's Experience

Major: Dance

Passion: Bringing dance to film

ACTIVITY: Creative Expression

Choreographing and performing in the Dance Teacher Summit "Capezio Ace Awards" in New York.

COMPETENCY: Professionalism

Morgan learned how to channel her vision into reality with professional excellence.


Morgan developed career-preparedness skills by learning to self-brand herself through her portfolio. Today, she is a professional dancer and choreographer



Young Alumni: Arteen

The UA prepares you to find what you really care about and gives you the resources to hone in on those things. Everybody here who focuses on what they do becomes extraordinary at it. That was my favorite part. This experience taught me how to specialize myself.

Arteen, senior associate, venture capital

Arteen's Experience

Majors: Finance and entrepreneurship

Passion: Helping startup businesses

ACTIVITY: Entrepreneurship

A number of internships in the fields of Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law.

COMPETENCY: Innovation and creativity

Arteen learned how innovation and creativity work together to create ideas that change lives.


Arteen developed critical thinking and project management skills that helped him become a senior associate in a venture capital & private equity firm.


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What your experience could look like

Engaged learning experience

ACTIVITY: Discovery

Students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences were asked to create a system that grows vegetables without soil in the UA's lunar greenhouse.

COMPETENCY: Interdisciplinarity

They had to think ahead to living in space and systemize how agriculture can work in an environment controlled by humans. The prototype they developed may one day help us farm on Mars!


The students learned to work together as a team. They had to problem-solve through application and analysis of the results. They then had to communicate what they learned in a professional setting.

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